Al Breimi Group Gen. Trd.



Mr. Khalid Albreimi


Mr. Khalid has extensive experience in strategic advisory, portfolio management, financial and corporate strategy. From 1999 to present, Mr. Khalid served as Chairman and Cheif Executive Officer of the Albreimi Group, and he has led the company to steady growth. Mr. Khalid also serves as Strategic Adviser to the Boards of several public and private sectors. Mr. Khalid holds a degree in Law from the Lebanese University in Lebanon and he also holds Master of Business Administration degree from the Lebanese University.



Mrs. Maryam Zaid Al-Khalid

Vice President

Mrs. Maryam Zaid Alkhalid holds diverse and major business interests in General Trading and Contracting, Banking and Stock Market trading. Offering a rare blend of investment and corporate strength. She is also serving as President of Style & Idea. Mrs. Maryam Zaid Alkhalid brings nearly 30 years of industry leadership experience to the group. Her background provides the Board with broad expertise in international investment and operational projects.
Mrs. Al-Khalid comes from most prestigious and influential families in Kuwait. As her Grandfather is the founder of Kuwait National Bank, Listed as the World’s 50 Safest Banks by Global Finance. Also served as the first Chairman of Kuwait Airways.
Mrs. Maryam holds a degree in Business and Administration from the University of Kuwait.




Mr. Meshal Albreimi


Mr. Meshal is the general manager and member of the Board of directors. Mr. Meshal is a business adviser and corporate director and has extensive experience in corporate strategy, financing, global alliances and business growth. From 1999 to present, Mr. Meshal served as the general manager of the Albreimi General Trading company, Mr. Meshal has a sound leadership and management skills which helped the company to be among the top companies in the region. Mr. Meshal holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Kuwait.



Fahed Yoseph

Managing Director

Mr. Fahed is Managing Director of Albreimi Group and CEO of Info Technology System. Mr. Fahed brings over 20 years of experience in software and business development. Mr. Fahed is responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the Group. Mr. Fahed oversees all technology services, product analysis, and software architecture activities at Info Technology System. Mr. Fahed Holds Master Degree in Computer Sciences from the University of USM and Degree in  Management Information System.